A Practical Hands-On Guide to Vulnerability Management

Whether you work in an organisation looking to build, deploy or manage a vulnerability management solution or are a IT / security professional looking to get hands on experience in vulnerability management, this Practical Hands-on Guide to Vulnerability Management short course is for you. Learn how you use a set of extremely powerful and effective technical, operational and business processes and tools that deliver tangible improvements and add a significant extra barrier to those attempting to compromise your environment. Vulnerability management fits well in both waterfall and agile development product delivery methodologies and enables both Operations or DevSecOps to regularly audit, patch or reconfigure out the most common vulnerabilities.

Course syllabus:

  1. Define a vulnerability and why they exist

  2. Identify key elements that make up a true Vulnerability Assessment

  3. Define why asset discovery and classification is important

  4. Prioritise vulnerabilities

  5. Deploy real-world Vulnerability Management tools including installation, configuration and UI interaction

  6. Recognise that not all highs, mediums or lows are created equal in report results