The Victimology Ontario College Graduate Certificate program provides professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in Victimology and in the provision of victim services. Students develop an understanding of victims’ rights, sudden and traumatic loss, victim populations, crime and its effects on victims in the criminal justice system. History and theories of victimization are explored, with an applied victim centered focus. A practicum experience in victim services provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with victim service agencies in the planning, delivery and evaluation of victim services and advocacy. Specific course emphasis is given to issues such as childhood physical and sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault.

Course syllabus:

  1. Victimology: Theoretical Perspectives

  2. Victims of Crime

  3. Victimization and the Law

  4. Violence Against Women

  5. Aboriginal Peoples: Understanding and Reducing Victimization

  6. Victims and the Media

  7. Men as Victims

  8. Childhood Victimization

  9. Diversity and Victim Assistance

  10. Compassion Fatigue, Self-Care and Professional Practice

  11. Victimology: Assessment and Intervention

  12. Victim Assistance Services

  13. Victimology: Capstone Course