Graduates of the Victimology Ontario College Graduate Certificate program may find work in a variety of fields, providing services to victims of crime. While there is a strong theoretical aspect to this program, there are many opportunities for hands-on learning in both labs and scenario rooms. This one-year program provides specialized knowledge and skills in victimology and in the provision of victim services. You also explore the history and theories of victimization, with applied victim-centred focus. Combining theoretical and applied learning, it includes a field placement of more than 140 hours. It is in this setting where you learn about victims' issues and perspectives first-hand from experts in the field.

Course syllabus:

  1. Victimology: Theoretical Perspectives

  2. Victims of Crime

  3. Victimization and the Law

  4. Violence Against Women

  5. Indigenous Peoples: Understanding and Reducing Victimization

  6. Victims and the Media

  7. Men and Victimization

  8. Professional Development Seminar and Self Care

  9. Childhood Victimization

  10. Diversity and Victim Assistance

  11. Victimology: Assessment and Intervention

  12. Victim Assistance Services

  13. Field Placement