Understanding Social Engineering

Train employees on identifying social engineering and mitigating the risks. Our Social Engineering course details all types of social engineering attacks, from baiting, phishing, spear phishing, pretexting and scare ware, giving the user important information about the ways in which each of these methods works. This course is set in our Take 5 microlearning format and contains a single module. Learners will look at the different ways hackers and criminals can use social engineering to access confidential information. The course is designed to raise awareness and enable learners to be aware of the risks and the steps to take to stay alert and reduce the risk of falling victim to social engineering.

Course syllabus:

  1. What is social engineering

  2. How to look out for potential attacks

  3. How to defend yourself and others against social engineering deceptions

  4. What are some of the ways to promote vigilance and defeat scams

  5. How to mitigate personal and professional vulnerabilities with security awareness

  6. What are some of the gaps and weakness and how to evaluate security assessments