Unarmed Guard Crowd Controller

If you are looking at a career in the security industry Certificate II should be considered as your first step. This course will allow you to apply for your private security licence (Unarmed guard/Crowd Controller). This course is suitable for anyone that works for a FCA-regulated Investment Firm. It can be used as both an induction course, for example for new staff members, and a refresher course. Career paths may include working as a guard at sporting events, concerts, pubs and clubs, shopping centres, museums, hospitals and even large corporations.

Course syllabus:

  1. Apply effective communication skills to maintain security

  2. Apply legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team

  3. Apply WHS, emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security

  4. Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations

  5. Provide quality services to a range of security clients

  6. Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques

  7. Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security

  8. Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security

  9. Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises

  10. Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security

  11. Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons

  12. Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises

  13. Escort and protect persons and valuables

  14. Provide first aid