Trend Micro™ Deep Security 12 Training for Certified Professionals

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ 12 Training for Certified Professionals is a three-day, instructor-led training course. Participants will learn how to use Trend Micro Deep Security for advanced hybrid-cloud security on physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers. This course details the basic architecture of the Deep Security solution, deployment options, protection modules, policy configuration, and administration of the system. As part of the course, participants will deploy Deep Security Agents on a variety of Windows® Server platforms, as well as the Deep Security Virtual Appliance. Best practices and troubleshooting details for successful implementation and long-term maintenance of the system are discussed.

Course syllabus:

  1. Product Overview

  2. Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Manager

  3. Deep Security Agents

  4. Keeping Deep Security Up to Date

  5. Trend Micro™ Smart Protection™

  6. Policies

  7. Protecting Servers from Malware

  8. Blocking Malicious Websites

  9. Filtering Traffic Using the Firewall

  10. Protecting Servers from Vulnerabilities

  11. Detecting Changes to Protected Servers

  12. Blocking Unapproved Software

  13. Inspecting Logs on Protected Servers

  14. Events and Alerts

  15. Protecting Containers

  16. Automating Deep Security Operations

  17. Activating and Managing Multiple Tenants

  18. Detecting Emerging Malware Through Connected Threat Defense

  19. Protecting Virtual Machines Using the Deep Security Virtual Appliance