Threat Image Projection – Implementation and Analysis

Threat Image Projection (TIP) is the projection of fictional threat Images into X-ray images of cabin baggage traffic to ensure both vigilance and threat image familiarisation of baggage screeners. This course aims to give delegates an understanding of how TIP can be implemented and how the data generated can be used. The course will provide an overview of the threats posed to aviation security and how TIP regulatory requirements are addressing these. The course provides delegates with an understanding of how TIP has been implemented in the UK and provides insight into the best practices that have been developed. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss in detail how TIP is used to inform regulatory activity with UK Subject Matter Experts.

Course syllabus:

  1. The current aviation threat picture and the role of TIP in mitigating risks

  2. The relevant regulatory requirements, principles and practices of TIP usage

  3. How TIP can be implemented and the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders

  4. What the benefits of an effective TIP system are and how TIP data can be used by all parties

  5. The future opportunities and challenges of TIP implementation