The Global Jihadi Threat

Islam is a faith of richness and complexity that has manifested itself over time in a broad variety of ways. Unfortunately, it is also used as the basis for the violent ideologies of the Global Jihad. Understanding the fundamentals behind the religion (as well as concepts such as Jihad), the background with respect to the Islamic community’s relationship to the West, the position of Muslims in modern-day Western societies and the various permutations of extremist Islamic ideologies is critical in helping policy makers, law enforcement personnel and governmental administrators at various levels relate to Islam and Muslims in an informed manner while also being able to effectively counteract extremist activities and ideas.

Course syllabus:

  1. Islam - Basic Principles, Origins and Divisions

  2. The Role of Jihad in Islam

  3. Islamic Civilization and the Western Challenge

  4. The Development of Islamic Extremism

  5. Islam in the West: Integration, Isolation, Radicalization