Terrorist Financing and State Response

This course examines exactly how far we have come in our understanding of the ways in which terrorists raise, store, and transfer funds. It also evaluates challenges facing the U.S. government and international community in responding to this problem. In each module, we use a mix of official reports, academic papers, and other works to explore the subject and identify problems with the received wisdom about terrorist financing. Our goal is to develop the knowledge to critically assess claims about terrorist financing and the tools to think seriously about how to combat it. Developing an understanding of how tenuous knowledge about this subject is will make us better consumers of policy recommendations and intelligence reports. More importantly, it will make us better producers of government policy.

Course syllabus:

  1. Managing Terrorist Organizations

  2. Historical Overview of Terrorist Financing

  3. Mechanisms for Raising, Transfer, and Storage of Terrorist Funds

  4. Case Studies in Terrorism Financing

  5. Domestic Responses to Terrorism Financing

  6. International Responses to Terrorism Financing