Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security MA

Since the end of the Cold War there has been a growing awareness of the changing nature of security threats facing individuals, communities and states worldwide. With intensifying economic, political, cultural and military globalisation, there is now a heightened awareness of terrorism and international crime. This interdisciplinary course identifies the challenges these threats pose to national and global governance, human rights and ethics, criminality and regionalism. It builds on our established expertise in the fields of politics, international relations, global and human security, peace and reconciliation studies. Guest speakers and field trips are an integral part of the course, which include visits to the counter-crime, counter terrorism and counter modern slavery organisations. Previous students have been able to work on placements with the local police forces, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international organisations within Europe, including the antimafia organisation AddioPizzo in Sicily, Ethicando in Paris, the UN NGO Women’s Federation for World Peace in Geneva, the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, CISS (International Cooperation South-South) in Italy, and Chatham House in London.

Course syllabus:

  1. Critical Thinking

  2. International Organised Crime

  3. International Terrorism

  4. Trafficking in Human Beings

  5. Governnance for Security in the Developing World

  6. Threats to Global Security

  7. Changing Character of War and Terrorism

  8. International Security Praxis

  9. Global Professional Development - Consultancy

  10. Dissertation