Terrorism Awareness

Terrorism Awareness was once a national or local issue and mostly restricted to within national borders. The terrorist aims were to use violence and fear to force a government to change its position and agree to the terrorists’ demands. This has changed in recent years. There are now new terrorists and terrorist groups that have no state or national alliance. They have aims that are often very difficult for governments and people to accept or understand and so the violence will continue across borders, continents and around the world. Of concern is the increasing number of attacks and the level of fear they now achieve through increasing the scale of death and horror and also bringing such fear closer to innocent civilians. A further aspect of modern terrorism is the levels of crime they are prepared to conduct in order to finance their terrorist activity. Terrorist related crime also now reaches across the world and exists in almost all parts of society where money can be made.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Terrorism

  2. The Impact of Terrorism

  3. Terrorist Threats

  4. Stay Safe

  5. Counter-terrorism

  6. The Nightmare Scenarios