Terrorism and Political Violence MSc

This course looks in depth at the concepts and politics surrounding terrorism, political violence and security in the post-Cold-War era. It will provide an understanding of the forces of global politics and develop the skills needed to engage in academic and professional discussions that are shaping the contemporary international agenda. With a particular focus on human rights and international conflict, the course strikes a balance between the theoretical and practical elements of the study of international relations.

Course syllabus:

  1. Politics Dissertation

  2. From State to Global Politics

  3. Research Skills and Dissertation/Project Proposal

  4. Terrorism, Political Violence and Human Rights

  5. Crime, Harm and Justice

  6. Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

  7. The Theory and Practice of International Relations

  8. Human Rights: Architectures, Actors, Activism

  9. International Political Economy: Capitalism, Imperialism and the State

  10. Strategies for Achieving Human Rights