Space Risk and Disaster Reduction MSc, PG Cert

Uniting emergency response, disaster risk reduction and space technology this programme is designed to prepare students to work in the fields of satellite technology and disaster response. Students will explore the management of risk and disaster losses from a range of perspectives, focusing on emerging risks posed to modern technology by space weather and the monitoring of hazards on Earth from outer space. Students will learn about a wide variety of natural hazards, how to prepare and plan for emergencies and disasters and how to respond. Students will also learn practical aspects of designing, building and operating satellites and spacecraft including the challenges and risks posed by the environment of outer space.

Course syllabus:

  1. The Variable Sun: Space Weather Risks

  2. Space Science, Environment and Satellite Missions

  3. Space Systems Engineering

  4. Research Appraisal and Proposal

  5. Emergency and Crisis Planning

  6. Emergency and Crisis Management

  7. Integrating Science into Risk and Disaster Reduction

  8. Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards and Vulnerability

  9. Catastrophe Risk Modelling

  10. Risk Analysis for Disaster Science