Senior Risk and Business Continuity Leaders Program

Leaders who assume primary or secondary responsibilities for risk, resiliency and business continuity for a department, activity or location are often required to become professionals within a new profession. RSM is the only organization which provides easy to access online Institute of Leadership Management [ILM] certifications for risk and business continuity leadership, as well as 33 HRCI and SHRM credits. Our internationally orientated program offers 5hrs of training within 9 mandatory courses, with up to 28hrs of elective training within 44 courses. The program is designed to build leadership knowledge, competency and confidence; addressing key areas of risk to people, facilities, assets, information, business and operations, as well as risks to organizational reputation. The training is aligned to ISO standards for resiliency, security, risk management, security services and guard force management, and emergency management. The program can be taken at the participant’s pace, provides scope for participants to choose their own learning journey. Business PHR Credits (Functional Area 1): This course supports Human Resource professionals in meeting the needs of business management and strategy, developing a knowledge of their role within enterprise risk management; ensuring that policies contribute to protecting the organization from potential risks.

Course syllabus:

  1. Risk

  2. Resilience

  3. Business Continuity

  4. Leadership