Security Projects Training

SGW’s security systems design & specification course has now been extended to a three day programme, and is for everyone involved in planning a major security and CCTV surveillance system project or responsible for managing a security budget. The course content includes a module based approach to understanding risk, developing operational requirements, system options, the procurement process, project delivery and maintenance. It is our intention that delegates will exit the course with a clear understanding of the various processes and procedures to be applied, from conception to completion of a security project. You will be given examples of ‘Lessons Learnt’ from actual projects with a focus on ‘Best Value’ procurement initiatives.

Course syllabus:

  1. Assets, Threats, Vulnerability, and Risk

  2. Physical Security Assessment / The security survey

  3. Developing the Operational Requirement

  4. Systems design and development

  5. Preparing a successful tender package

  6. Contractor Selection

  7. Managing a security project

  8. Successful maintenance regimes