Security Management MSc

Study MSc Security Management at the University of Portsmouth. Further your studies at a postgraduate level, boost your employability and achieve your goals. Security Management skills are always in demand in both the public and private sector, with organisations looking to protect their personnel, assets, information and reputation from criminal threats as diverse as fraud and terrorism. This MSc Security Management degree course gives you the tools you need to progress in this in–demand field. On this course, you'll learn about the key themes in the field of security management, including how changes to policy and legislation inform practice. When you graduate, you'll be qualified to work as a security professional in the public or private sectors, and if you're already working in the field, then you'll have the skills to advance your career. The MSc Security Management has many options and modules and various degrees can be obtained: MSc Security Management, MSc Security Management and Criminal Justice, MSc Security Management and Criminology, MSc Security Management and Intelligence, MSc Security Management and Criminal Psychology, MSc Security Management and Counter Fraud & Counter Corruption, MSc Security Management and International Criminal Justice, MSc Crime Science and Security Management, MSc Cybercrime and Security Management, MSc Security Management and Victimology.

Course syllabus:

  1. Security Management

  2. Research Methods

  3. Research Design and Ethics

  4. Dissertation / Major Project

  5. Crisis Management and Governance

  6. The Global Landscape of Cybersecurity

  7. Investigation and Psychology

  8. Managing Justice and Security Organisations

  9. Victimology: Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience

  10. Dissertation / Major Project