Security, Leadership & Society MSc/PG Dip

Our Security, Leadership & Society MSc looks at the mutually reinforcing links between security, leadership and society, especially in developing nations. You will develop an awareness of the ways in which intelligence issues manifest themselves in security issues in peace and war in historical and contemporary perspectives. Through our course you will learn to understand the huge significance of leadership processes and outcomes in security efforts in the developing world and the impacts they have on society. Our course in Security, Leadership & Society looks at the mutually reinforcing links between these topics, especially in developing nations at national, regional and continental levels. A key aspect of this course is exploring the enormous significance of leadership processes and outcomes in security and development efforts in the developing world. We bring together the various thematic strands to look at the nature of societal leadership and its impact on security within and across developing countries and regions. We have designed this course for students who have a deep interest in understanding how societal and leadership peculiarities can influence the nature of security. Our course provides high-quality postgraduate training that builds your critical analysis skills and your independent judgement. It will appeal to you if you have an interest in debates on the interaction between leadership, peace and security globally.

Course syllabus:

  1. Leadership & Society

  2. Natural Resource Governance

  3. The Governance of Security

  4. Security, Leadership & Society Dissertation & Research Methods

  5. Gender, Leadership & Society

  6. Youth and Society in the Developing World

  7. African Issues in Global Affairs

  8. China and Global Governance

  9. Inter-American Politics in the 20th and 21st century