Security, Conflict and International Development MA, PGDip, PGCert by distance learning

Why do humanitarian emergencies occur and how can we better respond to them? What better way to explore some of the most pressing concerns in contemporary global politics than by joining a global learning community dedicated to understanding them? This degree will provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the range of activities that underpin contemporary humanitarianism. Focusing on the dynamics and transformations of conflict in the 21st century, this degree explores the overlapping security, justice and developmental challenges of countries experiencing and emerging from conflict. Designed specifically for those currently working – or hoping to work – in humanitarian activities or international development, the degree explores the myriad challenges that humanitarian agencies face when operating across the world. Covering issues such as conflict prevention, security sector reform, post-conflict justice and the rule of law, this degree offers you the space to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the key challenges that confront humanitarian community today.

Course syllabus:

  1. Contemporary Conflict Analysis

  2. Political Economy of International Development

  3. Dissertation

  4. The Politics of Conflict and Violence

  5. Gender in Global Perspective

  6. American Interventionism after the Cold War

  7. Intelligence and Security

  8. International Security

  9. Post Cold War World Order

  10. Theories of International Relations

  11. The International Politics of Protection

  12. The Politics of Human Rights

  13. Strategy in the Modern World

  14. Governance and Corruption

  15. Critical War Studies