Security Architecture and Design

This course addresses security architecture and design by considering case studies. In addition, the course will survey computer security frameworks, controls and objectives, and standards and pronouncements. Methods of threat risk assessment (TRA) will be reviewed, with particular emphasis on social and human factor engineering, hacker profiling, and risk management. Security policies and procedures, enforcement, and monitoring will also be covered. Students will apply what they learn in scenario-based exercises and projects.

Course syllabus:

  1. Security Architecture Basics

  2. Security Design Principles

  3. Security Design Patterns

  4. Security Policies and Access Controls

  5. Database Security

  6. Vulnerability Assessment

  7. Code Review and Trusted Code

  8. Web Security

  9. Application and Operating System Security

  10. Evaluating Systems

  11. Attack Types

  12. Review

  13. Final project presentation and report