Security and Risk Management Consultant SMRC

The Security Risk Management Consultants Course (SRMC™) has been designed by Leading Authorities in Security, Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management. Experts from various branches of UK Government, private sector and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have collaborated to design and deliver this unique course. The SRMCTM is a 12-day intensive course, designed with the security industry in mind, with a focus on understanding its place in a wider Enterprise Risk Management context. The course is now fully residential and runs from the Emergency Planning College (EPC), Easingwold, York. The EPC is the UK’s leading centre for organisational resilience. Students will leave the course with a broad and comprehensive understanding of risk management and its associated practices, significantly enhancing your career prospects. As an example, former students have gone on to secure senior positions within the Big Four Consultancies, Energy and Extractives, Aviation, Defence, Media companies and leading Risk Management organisations.’ There are several certification and development options available including; Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management (CIISCM), the Level 5 City & Guilds accreditation, Level 6 Security Risk Management Consultants, 60 credits towards an MBA (following a Risk and Resilience pathway), 60 credits towards MSc in Risk Management or Organisational Resilience plus further endorsed certifications and CPD credits.

Course syllabus:

  1. Risk Management Models and Implementation

  2. Country Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

  3. Journey Management and Evacuation Planning

  4. Crisis and Disaster Management

  5. Business Communications, Finance and Budget Control

  6. Information and Cyber Security

  7. Security Consultancy and Report Writing

  8. Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights (VPSHR)

  9. Corporate Social Responsibility

  10. Open Source Intelligence Crime Scene Management and Workplace Investigations

  11. Corporate Physical Security

  12. Kidnap, Ransom and Crisis Communications

  13. Introduction to Professional Consultancy Process

  14. Geopolitics

  15. Media Risk Management

  16. Defining Terrorism