Security and Emergency Lighting

This Tavcom certified Security and Emergency Lighting training course consists of 8 modules and is aimed at anyone involved in designing CCTV systems that have a lighting requirement. The provision of supplementary lighting is essential to ensure that a CCTV system can capture high-quality images day or night, and yet it is a major component of a security solution which is quite often overlooked. Specifying the correct lighting at an early stage of a project’s lifecycle will ensure that time-consuming return to site visits can be avoided at a later stage.

Course syllabus:

  1. The fundamentals of light including frequency and wavelength

  2. Light pollution and energy management

  3. Where light should be measured for CCTV cameras

  4. Legislation, codes of practice and governing bodies

  5. Perimeter, high security and commercial lighting

  6. System integration

  7. Emergency lighting

  8. Automated intelligent lighting systems and photocells