Security and Crime Science PG Cert

This programme provides students with a thorough understanding of how science and scientifically-based techniques can deliver immediate and sustainable reductions in crime. The programme focuses on how to apply science better to understand crime problems, develop investigative strategies for preventing them and increase the probability of detecting and arresting offenders. Students develop the ability to apply scientific principles to crime control, think more strategically in developing and implementing crime control policies, appreciate the complexity of implementation issues, critically assess the likely impact of planned crime reduction initiatives and generate more innovative proposals for reducing particular crime problems.

Course syllabus:

  1. Foundations of Security and Crime Science

  2. Crime Mapping and Spatial Analysis

  3. Cybercrime

  4. Designing and Doing Research

  5. Horizon Scanning and the Changing Nature of Crime

  6. Introduction to Cybersecurity

  7. Investigation and Detection

  8. Perspectives on Organised Crime

  9. Perspectives on Terrorism

  10. Preventing Crimes

  11. Quantitative Methods

  12. Applied Data Science