Security and Crime Science BSc

The BSc in Security and Crime Science aims to create a generation of leaders in the crime, intelligence and security sectors. Using science from different disciplines (psychology, political science, statistics, computer science, and forensic sciences) you will learn to tackle real-world crime problems and develop creative and ethical ways to increase security in a changing world. UCL Security & Crime Science is the first university department in the world devoted specifically to reducing crime and other risks to personal and national security.

Course syllabus:

  1. Crime and society

  2. Crime mapping

  3. Introduction to security and crime science

  4. Probability, statistics and modelling

  5. Programming for crime scientists

  6. Qualitative methods

  7. Terrorism

  8. Understanding the crime event

  9. Introduction to research

  10. Preventing crimes

  11. Psychology and crime

  12. Systems and problem solving

  13. Advanced crime analysis

  14. Criminal investigation and intelligence

  15. Cybercrime

  16. Evaluation of crime prevention measures

  17. Security and crime science research project