Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation

Want to block Windows attacks, thwart the lateral movement of hackers inside your LAN, and prevent administrative credential theft? And you want to have fun learning PowerShell scripting at the same time? Then SEC505 is the course for you! In SEC505 you will learn how to use PowerShell to automate Windows security and harden PowerShell itself. No prior PowerShell scripting experience is required to take the course because you will learn PowerShell along the way. We will even write a PowerShell ransomware script together in a lab in order to implement better ransomware defenses. The course author, Jason Fossen, is a Faculty Fellow who has taught defensible PowerShell at SANS for more than a decade. Jason gives away his PowerShell security scripts for free at

Course syllabus:

  1. Learn PowerShell Scripting for Security

  2. You Dont't Know the POWER!

  3. WMI and Active Directory Scripting

  4. Hardening Network Services with PowerShell

  5. Certificates and Multifactor Authentication

  6. PowerShell Security, Ransomware and DevOps