Securing Mobile Devices

An engaging online training course on Securing Mobile Devices, designed to raise awareness on using mobile devices at work and protecting business information. In this interactive microlearning course, learners will understand how to prevent breaches in information security associated with mobile devices. Presented in a gamified format, learners are presented with a scenario at work where they have received a new work tablet. Learn the best practice to follow while setting up a new mobile device and keeping information secure. By raising awareness, learners can confidently make the right decisions and understand the significance of keeping mobile devices secure, reducing the risks of information breaches.

Course syllabus:

  1. How to set up and use mobile devices securely

  2. What credentials are important for securing mobile devices

  3. How to configure networks on mobile devices

  4. Why is it important to install app updates

  5. How to respond when a mobile device is compromised