SABSA® Foundation

SABSA® is the world’s leading open security architecture framework and methodology. SABSA is a top-to-bottom framework and methodology to conceive, conceptualise, design, implement and manage security in a business-driven model. The term ‘business-driven’ is the key to SABSA’s power, and its acceptance. SABSA is all about empowering the organisation to do business as it needs and wants to do, while ensuring that it is secured and fully enabled. SABSA is an open and inclusive standard that readily integrates with other frameworks and tools such as ITIL, 17799/27000 series, COBIT and the like. It can be used as a compliance and governance framework for complex sets of standards.

Course syllabus:

  1. Information Security Strategy, Benefits and Objectives

  2. Introduction to SABSA Best Practice

  3. Business Requirements & How To Define Them

  4. Strategic Concepts & How To Apply Them

  5. The Strategy Programme & Architecture Delivery

  6. Managing The Strategic Programme

  7. The SABSA Security Management Framework

  8. Security Policy Management

  9. Operational Risk Management

  10. Security Organisation & Responsibilities

  11. Assurance of Operational Continuity

  12. Systems Assurance

  13. Security Services Architecture

  14. Security Infrastructure Services

  15. Operational Security Services

  16. Security Administration & Management

  17. Return on Investment & Return of Value

  18. Security Measures & Metrics