SABSA® Advanced A3: Architecture & Design

This SABSA Advanced module is designed for security professionals seeking to develop practical advanced competency to integrate and align Security & Risk with Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Standards. Participants will master the skills and competencies to plan, design, implement and manage a SABSA Architecture and its through-life processes. The SABSA A3 Course is an advanced 5 day program for those who already have SABSA knowledge and understanding through having been certified at SABSA Foundation Level. Those who have also gained field experience of using their Foundation Level training in a work situation will benefit most from attendance at a SABSA Advanced course.

Course syllabus:

  1. SABSA as a Problem Solving Framework for Today’s Burning Issues

  2. Stakeholder Value Propositions

  3. Framework Alignment

  4. Advanced Attributes Profiling

  5. Traceability Concept

  6. Logical Layer Engineering

  7. Physical Layer Engineering

  8. Engineering the Multi-Tier Control Strategy

  9. Adapting the SABSA Process – Fit-for-Purpose Process Design

  10. Full Requirements-to- Solutions Traceability

  11. SABSA for Evaluating Standards & Solutions