Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer - Level 1

The RCCE® Level 1 course will delve into the basics of cybersecurity along with hands-on labs. You will gain an insight into hacking technologies and tools. Level 1 covers the foundation of hacking technologies. For instance, it looks at Web application attacks, Trojans and Malware, Denial of Service attacks, metasploit, firewalls, cryptography, cracking passwords, hacking the cloud etc. The RCCE® Level 1 is a mandatory requirement, to move to the Level 2 program. The course is 100% Linux based.

Course syllabus:

  1. Cybersecurity threats, attacks and defenses

  2. Information gathering and network scanning

  3. Cyber Vulnerabilities

  4. Web Application Attacks

  5. Web shells, Spywares and Backdoors

  6. Denial of Service Attacks

  7. Packet Snifers and Network Analyzers

  8. Password Cracking

  9. Wireless Hacking

  10. Firewalls and IDS

  11. Hacking Frameworks

  12. Cryptography

  13. Malware attacks

  14. Phishing Attacks

  15. Hacking Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Others

  16. Hacking Cloud Computing

  17. Hacking Cloud networks

  18. Supply Chain Attacks

  19. Mobile Phone Hacking

  20. Webserver Hacking

  21. Patch Management

  22. Malware analysis

  23. Penetration Testing

  24. Policies and Procedures

  25. Incident Response

  26. Articial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

  27. Cyberthreat Intelligence

  28. Scripting Languages

  29. Network Defender