Risk, Disaster and Resilience MSc

Risk and disaster reduction, particularly within the contexts of dealing with uncertainty and increasing resilience, are high on local, national and international agendas. Academic study can underpin much needed professionalisation and application of evidence and research-based theory to this area. This MSc programme aims to meet the growing need for experts trained to analyse and provide solutions to complex risk and disaster resilience issues. Students will learn about and explore the characterisation, quantification, management and reduction of risk, disasters, and their associated impacts, from a broad range of scientific, technical, socio-economic, political, environmental, ethical and cultural perspectives. Through this multidisciplinary approach, students gain expertise in analysing complex challenges, enabling them to become future leaders who drive policy change and innovation.

Course syllabus:

  1. Integrating Science into Risk and Disaster Reduction

  2. Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards and Vulnerability

  3. Fundamentals of Emergency and Crisis Planning and Management

  4. Advanced Emergency and Crisis Planning and Management

  5. Data Analysis and Interpretation

  6. Practice and Appraisal of Research

  7. Catastrophe Risk Modelling

  8. Conflict, Humanitarianism and Disaster Risk Reduction