Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management BTEC Level 4

This online Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management BTEC Level 4 qualification arms you with the knowledge you need to effectively plan and manage an unforeseen event within your organisation. SIn today’s world it is essential that organisations recognise and prepare for potentially disastrous events. This starts with a true exploration of risk. Whether fire, flooding, terrorism or other potentially devastating events, organisations need to recognise the risks and be prepared to handle both crises and disasters as part of an effective continuity strategy.

Course syllabus:

  1. The importance of risk management

  2. The risk culture

  3. Risk communications

  4. The business impact analysis (BIA)

  5. Business continuity planning

  6. The elements of crisis management

  7. Formation of the crisis management team (CMT)

  8. CMT operations

  9. Command and control Structure (bronze, silver and gold)

  10. Contingency planning

  11. Liaison with the emergency services