BSc (Hons) Risk and Security Management

If you’re already working in security, or want to break into the field, this flexible BSc (Hons) Risk and Security Management distance learning degree course will give you the skills, knowledge and experience to take on ambitious roles and realise your potential. We've developed this course with the private security sector, so the skills and knowledge you develop are relevant and valuable to your career. You'll study topics including strategic and operational management, risk management, security management, business continuity management, cyber security, investigations and counter fraud. With your expertise in the latest security and risk management techniques, processes and approaches, you’ll graduate from this course with enhanced career opportunities and the ability to contribute more value to your current employer. You'll also learn skills you can apply to your current role before you graduate.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction To Management

  2. Introduction To Research Skills

  3. Introduction To Security Management

  4. Studying Criminology

  5. Business Continuity And Crisis Management

  6. Information Security

  7. Introduction To Investigation

  8. Research Methods

  9. Risk Management

  10. The Development Of Counter Fraud

  11. Corporate Security

  12. Internet Risk and Security

  13. Dissertation