Protecting Information (Digital Risks)

eLearning Course to Refresh your Understanding of Securing Digital Risks. An engaging online training course on Protecting Information designed to raise awareness on mitigating the risks and protecting information at work. In this interactive microlearning course, learners will understand how to prevent breaches in information security. Presented in a gamified format to understand the key steps learners must take to keep information digitally secure. Learn the best practice to follow when connecting to a network at work, saving files and transferring data and recognise the risks to data security.

Course syllabus:

  1. How to connect securely to a network while working remotely

  2. What are the risks of connecting work devices to an unsecured network

  3. How to transfer files securely to the network

  4. How to send sensitive documents and files securely

  5. What are secure ways of sharing sensitive information