Preparing for Peacebuilding

The Preparing for Peacebuilding course provides an overview of the strategic process of building peace when long-term violence has burdened a conflict-affected community. It describes the seven necessary components that should be considered to make peacebuilding more effective. “Strategic peacebuilding” means utilizing a holistic approach to violent conflict that builds and maintains top-down and bottom-up connections between people as well as between groups at all levels. It means creating a plan with a method in mind for how to execute it over time, realizing that we may have to revamp it as new challenges emerge in the field, and combining the efforts of insiders and outsiders committed to peace and a new path of social change.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction

  2. Conflict and Conflict Transformation

  3. Components of Strategic Peacebuilding

  4. Components of Strategic Peacebuilding Continued

  5. Burdens of Long-Term Violence

  6. quiz

  7. Reflections