Politics, Violence and Crime MSc

The programme offers an intensive training in the anthropology of politics, violence and crime. It provides a solid grounding in anthropological theory, analysis and ethnographic methods. It does so by uniquely enabling you to explore the central role of anthropology as a tool to engage with other people’s politics, ‘the state’, ‘democracy’, ‘the rule of law’. Students develop knowledge and understanding of major theoretical, ethnographic and methodological debates in anthropology of politics, violence and crime and enhance their independent research skills through practical training in research methods. This is the first programme to embed these themes deeply within anthropology. This anthropological grounding and bottom up ethnographic approach uniquely distinguishes the degree from existing programmes rooted in International Relations, Security and Peace Studies and/or Development Studies.

Course syllabus:

  1. Anthropology of Politics, Violence and Crime

  2. Method in Ethnography

  3. Anthropologies of Religion

  4. Anthropological Approaches to Eurasian Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies

  5. Anthropology of Crime

  6. Anthropology of Development

  7. Anthropology of India

  8. Anthropology of Latin America

  9. Anthropology of War

  10. Key Ideas in Social Anthropology