Policing MSc

The MSc in Policing is aimed at police and professionals from related agencies (e.g. the National Crime Agency) wishing to become future leaders and managers. The focus is on providing an evidence-based approach to address modern challenges of policing diverse communities and dealing with transnational organised crime, terrorism, cybercrime and evolving security threats, while upholding principles of procedural justice to increase police legitimacy and public confidence. The programme will outline the philosophical and theoretical bases for evidence-based policing practice. Issues will be examined with respect to ethical, policy and political contexts. It is a multidisciplinary programme drawing on psychology, statistics, mathematics, engineering, architecture, forensic sciences, design, geography and computing and is designed to enable graduates to be effective leaders and managers of a modern diverse police service.

Course syllabus:

  1. Ethical Policing

  2. Foundations of Security and Crime Science

  3. Models of Policing for Crime Reduction

  4. Police and the Public

  5. Quantitative Methods or Designing and Doing Research

  6. Cybercrime

  7. Perspectives on Organised Crime

  8. Horizon Scanning and the Changing Nature of Crime