Police Foundations

The two-year Police Foundations Ontario College Diploma program provides you with a foundational knowledge of the field of policing. Curriculum includes both theory and applied lessons in policing - helping you prepare for the workforce. While there is a strong theoretical aspect to this program, there are many opportunities for hands-on learning in both labs and scenario rooms. There are various activities outside the classroom, such as community volunteering opportunities and program-related initiatives.

Course syllabus:

  1. Canadian Criminal Justice System

  2. Introduction to Sociology

  3. Communications I

  4. Political Science/Public Administration

  5. Ethics and Professionalism

  6. Fitness I

  7. Provincial Offences

  8. Psychology

  9. Introduction to Research

  10. Criminology

  11. Interpersonal and Group Dynamics

  12. Communications II

  13. Fitness II

  14. Criminal and Civil Law

  15. Mental Health in Law Enforcement

  16. Criminal Code and Federal Statutes

  17. Fitness III

  18. Career Preparation

  19. Police Powers

  20. Diversity in Canada

  21. Interviewing and Investigations

  22. Youth in Conflict with the Law

  23. Traffic Management

  24. Conflict Management

  25. Community Policing

  26. Fitness and Law Enforcement