Planning for Emergency Management

This course introduces emergency management planning. It examines the planning process, the specification of emergency management needs, resource availability, needs ratification, organizational design, the selection of emergency management strategies, and planning implementation. This course will focus on the process of creating an emergency plan. It will focus on the steps, information and process of developing an emergency plan. This course will also focus on the implementation and the challenges of implementing or creating emergency plans.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction

  2. Introduction to Project Management as it Relates to Disaster Management

  3. Authorization and Legislation

  4. Challenges and Motivating the Community

  5. Fire And Emergency Services

  6. Analyze Your Area’s Hazards, Risks, and Vulnerabilities

  7. Determine and Assign Tasks and Actions

  8. Evaluate Resources and Tasks

  9. Detailed Planning

  10. Reconstruction and Recovery Planning

  11. Education, Training, and Exercises

  12. Plan Review: Approval and Adoption

  13. Final Assignment Submission