Phishing Staff Awareness

Strengthen employee awareness of phishing with this package comprising the bestselling phishing e-learning course and the Phishing Challenge E-learning Game. Teach staff how phishing attacks work, the tactics employed by cyber criminals and what to do when they’re targeted. Instill phishing knowledge among employees in a fun way. Test your staff’s phishing knowledge by challenging them to the game. Encourage a culture of cyber security awareness in your organisation. Cyber security and phishing go hand in hand, so doing everything you can to defend against phishing attacks is essential. According to the 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 80% of organisations that suffered a cyber attack were targeted by phishing attacks. No matter how many technological defences are in place, no email filtering method is 100% successful, so it’s often left to the recipient to decide whether or not to open a phishing email or click a malicious link. It is here that phishing awareness training can make a vital difference. 

Course syllabus:

  1. What is social engineering?

  2. How to identify social engineering attacks

  3. What are the consequences of a phishing attack?

  4. How easy it is to fall victim to a phishing attack

  5. How are phishing attacks orchestrated

  6. How to identify a phishing scam

  7. Ground rules for avoiding phishing scams