Personal Security Training

Control Risks’ one-day personal security training designed for staff, employees or dependants that may be visiting, working or living in low to medium risk environments. The session includes presentations focusing on key personal security considerations for employees and staff and interactive group discussions and exercises where all participants will have the opportunity to conduct security management planning within a realistic training scenario. Control Risks also delivers security training specifically for Women travellers delivered by female Control Risks Consultants, covering the issues, concerns and the difficulties they may face compared with their male counterparts.

Course syllabus:

  1. Common security threats facing travellers and exacerbating factors

  2. The principles of personal security

  3. Pre-travel and itinerary planning considerations

  4. Considerations when travelling by air, road and the use of public transport and taxis

  5. Considerations when selecting accommodation and using hotels

  6. Medical and pregnancy considerations

  7. Conflict management and self-defence

  8. Managing inappropriate behaviour and harassment

  9. Emergency planning, preparation and incident response