Practical Hands-on Training for Web Application Penetration Testing

Whether you work in an organisation developing web applications, a general security practitioner responsible for security operations or an individual who is looking to make a career in penetration testing, this Practical Hands-on training for Web Application Penetration Testing short course is for you. Taught by a seasoned pen tester, learn the practical knowledge, skills, methodologies and tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in real world web applications. This short course will be deployed in CPA’s private lab environment.

Course syllabus:

  1. Approach web app pen testing using a proven process and methodology

  2. Understand how hackers think and how they compromise applications

  3. Identify vulnerability types, exploitation methods and techniques

  4. Use common web app tools

  5. Proficiently test web app security

  6. Undertake authentication testing, application mapping, identity management, authorisation, session management, input validation and error handling testing