National Security Studies

The MA level module in National Security Studies (NSS) is a 20 week and 40 credit module which is also the compulsory module for the MA programme in National Security Studies. The course builds on a long heritage of courses delivered by the Centre for Defence Studies (CDS) in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. It has been designed for students and practitioners - those who work in government or the private sector - who wish to develop knowledge of national security policymaking processes and practices. Successful candidates will earn 40 Masters level post-graduate credits, transferable to other courses. The module will take place in the first and second semesters and has been constructed to provide students with an introduction to the conceptual and practical policy aspects of the UK’s recent efforts to deliver a comprehensive ‘national security approach’, establishing grounding in the evolution of the UK’s contemporary national security strategy. The course also addresses the practice of national security from an international perspective and uses a myriad of case studies from other countries and from the perspective of both larger and smaller states. Over the course of the 20 weeks, participants will hear a range of perspectives on the strategic, theoretical, and operational aspects of national security policymaking.

Course syllabus:

  1. The UK’s national security strategy & international comparators

  2. Leadership and cross-governmental responses to security challenges

  3. Inter-agency perspectives on delivering a national security approach

  4. Counter-terrorism and national security strategies

  5. The ethics and oversight of national security

  6. Intelligence and national security

  7. Cyber-security

  8. Public-private partnerships in National Security