MSc Organised Crime, Terrorism and Security

In recent years, issues of terrorism and organised crime have gained an unprecedented profile, provoked significant social concern, and dominated both law-and-order and many wider social policy agendas. We draw on state-of-the-art research to address key critical issues surrounding organised criminality and terrorism in contemporary society. We involve multi-level analyses of organised crime as a concept, alongside the impacts of urbanisation, migration and globalisation upon both the practice of crime and the ways in which we understand them. You address cutting-edge critical, conceptual and theoretical analyses of terrorism and counter-terrorism. The course provides you with a strong grounding in the key theories, understandings and issues relating to organised crime and terrorism.

Course syllabus:

  1. Dissertation

  2. Organised Crime: Global and Local

  3. Critical Perspectives on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

  4. Sociological Research Design

  5. Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

  6. Global Security Challenges

  7. Current Controversies in Criminology (optional)