MSc Cyber Security

In today’s always connected environment, it is important for organisations to implement robust cyber defences capable of mitigating an increasing range of cyber attacks. Our MSc Cyber Security, delivered 100% online and part-time, will introduce you to the key concepts, tools, guidelines and approaches used to protect an organisation’s online environment. The course goes beyond technical competencies to consider managerial and psychological concerns, while simultaneously developing essential skills such as teamwork, risk assessment and decision making. This conversion course starts with an overview of the fundamental aspects of cyber security, highlighting the trends and developments in this field.

Course syllabus:

  1. Launching into Cyber Security

  2. Network and Information Security Management

  3. Information Risk Management

  4. Secure Software Development

  5. The Human Factor

  6. Secure Systems Architecture

  7. Principles of Digital Forensics and Cyber Law

  8. Research Methods and Professional Practice

  9. MSc Cyber Security Project