Mastering Metasploit Framework

A Metasploit framework is a powerful tool used by cybercriminals and ethical hackers to probe systematic vulnerabilities on servers and networks. It is an open-source project providing the content, infrastructure, and tools for performing penetration tests and extensive security auditing. It is a Ruby-based, modular penetration testing platform enabling you to write, test, and execute code.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Metasploit Framework

  2. Using Metasploit Web Interface

  3. Getting Started with Metasploit Framework

  4. Setting Up a Vulnerable Target

  5. Managing Projects

  6. Managing and Updating Metasploit

  7. Managing Hosts

  8. Exploring Vulnerabilities

  9. Exploitation

  10. Working with Payloads

  11. Introduction to Credentials

  12. Overview of Metamodules

  13. Social Engineering

  14. Automating Tasks

  15. Introduction to Reporting

  16. Metasploit Framework

  17. Working with Pro Console