Master of Arts in Global Security

The Master of Arts in Global Security is an interdisciplinary, online program that trains students to critically engage global conflict and international security issues in a comprehensive manner to aid professional advancement in military, government and private sector careers. Our world faces a variety of diverse, complex, and constantly shifting security challenges. Understanding and responding to these issues requires an interdisciplinary approach linking critical thinking with practical engagement. The online Master of Arts (MA) in Global Security, offered by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, provides an overview of major ideas on the causes and costs of conflict, the structure and operation of domestic and international institutions, and policies to encourage and enable peace and stability.

Course syllabus:

  1. War, Conflict and Security

  2. Capstone

  3. Security Studies

  4. Future of War

  5. Understanding Conflict and War

  6. Law of War

  7. Politics of Security

  8. Global Politics of Security

  9. Understanding Conflict and War

  10. Law of War

  11. U.S. Politics of Security

  12. Global Politics of Security

  13. Comparative Studies of Conflict

  14. Emerging Technologies and Global Security

  15. Governance in Post-Conflict/Transitional Contexts

  16. Terrorism and Insurgency