Managing Cyber Security Risk

Modern organisations face the constant threat of cyber attack. Creating an effective cyber risk strategy to mitigate the risk of cyber crime is the only way to ensure your survival, but cyber security management can be complex and costly. With so many standards, best practices and technical controls to choose from, how do you get started on your plan? Drawing on real-life case studies, an experienced senior information risk consultant will provide you with insights to enable you to create a blueprint for a plan that not only includes the implementation of technical measures (controls) but also takes into account the people, processes, governance, leadership and culture in your organisation.

Course syllabus:

  1. The nature of cyber risk and types of cyber attack

  2. The difference between cyber security and cyber resilience

  3. Practical lessons with examples of real cyber breaches

  4. An understanding of current cyber security standards and best practices

  5. The role and the importance of people, processes and technology

  6. Approaches to risk management, cyber incident response and business continuity

  7. How ISO 27001 provides a backbone for protecting your organisation

  8. Why ISO 22301 is essential to achieving cyber resilience in the event of an attack