Loss Prevention Training Course

This Retail Loss Prevention Course was developed by a Security Training Subject Matter Expert in consultation with industry and legal experts. This course is designed for loss prevention officers and security guards to ensure their clients such as retail companies and their employees reduce retail theft and shoplifting while improving workplace safety. The course contains instructional videos, downloadable materials in pdf format, instructional powerpoints/digital documents and available live, one on one, instructor support. A Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing, is awarded when the online final exam is passed.

Course syllabus:

  1. How serious a problem is retail theft today and what is the impact on business?

  2. The role of security as Loss Prevention Officers

  3. Use of Force, arrest and confinement

  4. CCTV cameras

  5. Note taking and Report Writing

  6. Apprehension techniques and Officer Safety

  7. Dealing with the current reality of police responses

  8. Scenarios and Case Law