LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology

As the only 100% online provider offering LLB Law with Criminology, we’re happy to take a different approach to the subject of law. And with the addition of key topics in criminology, you can explore these two complementary fields while gaining a Qualifying Law Degree through which you complete the academic stage of legal education whilst gaining speciality in Criminology. Towards the end of your study you will complete a detailed research project on any topic of interest within the scope of your degree. Participating in discussion forums and reflecting in your journal entries gives you plenty of opportunity to relate your course matter to your own experiences and use your new skills and knowledge in your existing role.

Course syllabus:

  1. Legal Skills and Context

  2. Criminal Law

  3. Public Law

  4. Introduction to Criminology

  5. Crime and Society

  6. Dealing with Offending Behaviour

  7. Justice and Punishment

  8. Contract Law

  9. Law of Tort

  10. Land Law

  11. Criminology

  12. Forensic and Criminal Psychology

  13. Criminal Investigation

  14. Youth Crime and Justice

  15. Prisons and Penology

  16. Probation and Community Justice

  17. European Union Law

  18. Equity and Trusts

  19. Wills and the Administration of Estates

  20. Criminal Behaviour and Deviance

  21. Final Year Research Project

  22. Victimology and Criminal Victimisation

  23. Criminal Justice in the Information Age: Cyber Crime and Security

  24. The Economics of Crime

  25. Policing