Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management (Masters Equivalent)

This programme is equivalent to a Masters-level dissertation, and follows on naturally from the Level 6 Diploma programme. Having completed the L6, you should feel completely comfortable doing academic reading and research, and creating a high-level academic piece of work that is syncretic, integrative and comprehensive. Hopefully, through the course of the L6 study, there were ideas that you came across that inspired you with the possibility of even deeper research, and the development of an even more well-developed final piece of work. That should set the foundation for the L7 programme. This programme is offered at a 50% Covid discount, £675 + VAT ISRM members / £900 + VAT non-members. (Standard rate is £1350 + VAT ISRM members / £1800 + VAT non-members)

Course syllabus:

  1. Research Methodology

  2. Research Proposal

  3. Dissertation