Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk & Crisis Management

For most people, even those involved at the highest levels of strategic planning and capability development, there is little if any awareness of the vast ocean of academic material that is available to them, and which deep insight into many of e major issues associated with modern risk and crisis management. The Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management is a 12-month distance learning programme that gives participants an opportunity to engage in academic reading, research and writing, exploring the academic frameworks and theories that are the foundation of 21st century strategic risk management. This programme is offered at a 50% Covid discount, £600 + VAT ISRM members / £800 + VAT non-members. (Standard rate is £1200 + VAT ISRM members / £1600 + VAT non-members)

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to 21st Century Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

  2. Chaos and Complexity: Understanding the Crisis Environment

  3. Creating the Incident Command Structure

  4. Managing The Crisis Response

  5. Failure is Not an Option: Resilience, Reliability and the Crisis Management Framework

  6. Sense Making and Decision Making in Crisis Environment

  7. Mapping the Future - Preparing for the Crises of 2025

  8. Producing an authoritative Policy Paper based on your studies, that can be used as the foundation for sector-wide discussion concerning strategic risk and crisis management and future developments.